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How do I stay ripped all year round?

Recently, I was asked about my diet for staying #lean or #ripped all year round, but before I go into my diet tips I think many people need to rethink their perspective of eating, dieting and just how they view food in general. So, here are some of my personal views on eating. Get that mindset right, and sticking to a "diet" will become a whole lot easier.

1. "I train too hard to eat junk or mess it up with my diet."

Think about it, you put yourself through hell. (Or at least a great deal of discomfort) You spend time and money, (some of us even risk getting injured) to get an awesome workout in. The last thing I want is to waste it away simply because i couldn't watch what I put into my mouth.

2. "I want to know what I'm eating."

I've realized many people get stuck in a certain regimen of eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner being the most common ones) without questioning why they do it. In some cases, they don't even question what they are eating, they just know it tastes good and it fills them up. I truly believe that there is no food that has to be totally avoided, but do take the trouble to know how your favourite dishes are made and their nutritional background. Be creative, and improvise.

3. "My 'diet' isn't what I can't eat, it is what I can eat."

When I go on a "diet" I make sure I get in what is needed to fuel my day and workouts. This way I don't crave junk and even if I do, it's kept to a minimal.

I will talk about some of my favourite diet tips in the future and try to shed more light on how eating but for now, I hope these are useful and it helps to shape slightly how some people view eating 😊

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