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Tips on Posing

Hey, who killed the lights? 😂 😂 Sorry for the lack of updates everyone I've just been rather busy lately. While I am working on a proper posing tutorial, I thought I'd share with everyone my tips to posing better: 1. Practice, practice, practice especially when you are tired. Sure, it feels much better to hit your poses when you are pumped up, but the reality is at some point (in fact for most part) you are not going to be feeling at your best, you might feel tired or depleted. Practice hitting those poses when you feel depleted so you'll get used to it. 2. How you feel is more important than how u look. There isn't going to be a mirror for you to look at during a shoot or on stage. So, while I do have a mirror to practice with, a lil trick I like to use is to close my eyes and adjust how I feel, then look at the mirror again. 3. Don't flex everything too hard. This is a very common mistake many beginners make. Remember you need to hold those poses for a good few seconds possibly over a minute without cramping. 4. Switch up your environment. Sure, we all look awesome in the locker room when the lighting is perfect but if you want a reality c

heck on how you'd really look, try taking a pic in an environment that is a little more crowded like the gym floor for a better look at yourself. 5. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link. Have a balanced physique, work on your weak points, don't allow them to be too glaring.

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