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Suns Out, Guns Out!

Sometimes, I get asked quite a bit how I train my arms although I don't exactly consider them my most impressive bodypart. 😂 Here are my tips to how to train for bigger arms:

Training arms

1. Focus more on compound movements.

I'd say pull-ups, presses, rows and any kind of upper body exercise which can be performed heavy with good form will do more to develop the arms than isolated exercises like curls and cable pressdowns.

2. Focus on contractions.

The arms are a relatively small muscle group compared to the back or chest. Take time to squeeze through every rep or at least after every set. That static contract not only helps get more blood flowing into the muscles giving it a fuller, more pumped look but also improves your mind muscle connection.

3. Superset your bi's and tri's.

Honestly, I seldom have an allocated day for arms, but when I do, I make sure I alternate between training my biceps and triceps. This push-pull combination helps me prevent joint pain and possibly cramping.

Let me know what other tips you'd like me to give and I'll try to see how I can help 😊

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